Zeolite a volcanic mineral to protect your skin against pollution

As our planet earth continues to change, we are all searching for ways to fight against the effects of pollution on our bodies.  Damage is caused to our sensitive skin by these toxins, fine dust and small particles that accumulate in our pores. There is a way to harness the power of nature against this pollution and it is with Zeolite.

Zeolite is a volcanic origin mineral that contains alkali and alkaline-earth metals. Noted by scientists, zeolites are known for their ion-exchange and reversible dehydration abilities.  This natural mineral acts as a defense to the pollutions of today and combined with the Guudcure Pollution Free skincare, it initiates an antioxidant action, reduces the formation of free radicals and wrinkles, and promotes hydration. Use of the products returns elasticity and compactness to the skin, re-activating its metabolism and making it brighter.  

Learn to defend your skin using the power of nature with Zeolite by visiting www.spaggia.net  and using Guudcure Pollution Free.    

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  • Dear Spaggia,
    Zeolite absolutely is a great way to preserve our skin . Actually the morphology of this mineral can be considered like a sponge that captures and hold the pollution impurities defending our skin. It is just matter to clean away the Zeolite at the end of the day to remove any residual of pollution trapped in the Zeolite molecule.


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